s.o.l.o (Situations of Ones Life's Obsessions)

About this project

s.o.l.o depicts a life. (Situations of Ones Life’s Obsessions)

The moments that we all collectively share.

The emotions that we have all felt, instances that have changed our path and opportunities, won or lost, that have created the person we are today.

But every decision, every failure, every accomplishment in every minute,

even if surrounded by an abundance of people, were experienced; solo.

s.o.l.o is a multidisciplinary circus show that incorporates multimedia, circus technique and theatre to create an experience for the audience; a moment that we all share together.

“Our life is filled with different situations that we have fanatically obsessed over;

s.o.l.o is my tale of my obsessions that I hope the audience can relate to, within their own life experiences. “ (Simon-James)

It toys with identity, struggles, loss, endurance, and most of all hope.

Hope to make better choices, hope to do better, to achieve more; hope to be a better self. All parts of life that we all experience; solo.

Circus gives way to theatre, theatre to circus as they are enhanced by the multimedia.

The technique is amazing, but the story is not compromised; the audience leaves the performance experiencing special acts, feeling a roller-coaster of emotions and (possibly) learning something within themselves.

 s.o.l.o is an experience.


‘’Breathtaking and intense performance, in which the audience is confronted with the playfulness and innocence of the character as well as the pain, struggle and unrelenting willpower of a young man who finds his way in a turbulent life.’’

Philippe De Wulf, Head of VO Citizen


…What an endurance and mastery to give the best of oneself for an hour, in a succession of catchy emotions and acrobatic disciplines...

Clémence Corthouts, Futurn Project Developer


‘’I experienced s.o.l.o as the life story of the performer in all its complexity, with ups and downs, challenges and setbacks, the search for balance and the confirmation of his multifaceted identity.’’

Kristof Van Rentergem, Business manager Weblounge


‘’It is a stunning performance that will not leave you indifferent.’

Jacksons Lane Theatre, London








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